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12 in 1 Magic Slicer
12 in 1 Magic Slicer
12 in 1 Magic Slicer
12 in 1 Magic Slicer
12 in 1 Magic Slicer
12 in 1 Magic Slicer
12 in 1 Magic Slicer

12 in 1 Magic Slicer

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Clever Cutter Multifunctional Kitchen Tool Clever Cutter quickly and safely slices and chops foods for perfect pieces without any mess. No more tricky transfers from a cutting board or excess scraps making your kitchen a mess.

The Hanging Trash Bag - It allows you to reuse plastic grocery bags.  This garbage bag holder is a useful kitchen tool. Easy to Install and no tools required.

Electric Knife Sharpener -  It restores the razor's edge on any blade in just seconds, from knives to scissors to small hand tools.

Miracle Blade World Class Quality 13-Piece-Knife-Set are flash-forged, can slice through anything and will always stay super sharp!


12 in 1 Magic Slicer 

SAVE YOUR TIME: This kitchen wonder is very easy to set up; you can cut or slice wherever or whatever you need and cleaning is oh-so-EASY as well. This 12 in 1 Magic Slicer is ultimately sharp and it is possible to cut vegetables for the salad or main dish EFFORTLESSLY and without the mess. The soft anti-slip material on the bottom of the container keeps an unscathed countertop (which you usually get from knives) and it will keep the container steady all thru-out your slicing. This really "CUTS" your work by 90%!

  • It has 5 interchangeable blades and comes with a holder for them as well. It also has a hand protector and finger guard that keeps your fingers safe from harm at all times! Veggies also fall right into the container and you can even store them there too.
  • Very functional design and so easy to both use and clean. Can be used to slice strawberries & olives, dice green peppers and onions - it works so well & quickly. its super easy to change the different blades and super easy to clean as well!
  • It's compactly-designed and does not take up a lot of space in your cabinet!! It will make your life so much easier without the bulk and mess!
  • Anti slip design: the bottom of the container has anti slip mat, effectively anti slip, more reliable operation.
  • Superior quality food-grade ABS plastic, BPA-free; 5 ultra-sharp premium stainless steel blades, which will last not to rust or lose sharpness as time goes on.

12 in 1 Magic Slicer's Accessories:

1. Cutting insert with an integrated pin grid
2. Cutting-base
3. Transparent receptacle (capacity 1500ML)
4. Cling-lid containers for collecting
5. Blade insert (6mm*6mm or 12mm*12mm)
6. Blade insert (6mm*36mm or 18mm*18mm)
7. Knife for quarters or eighths use
8. Stamp eights cutter
9. Partial coverage for all blade inserts
10. Professional peeler
11. Planers use with blade guard
12. Product holder with guide

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